How Life Changes


People you leave behind, chapters you close, betrayals you forget, lies you forgive, kindness you bestow, hearts you break, roads you travel, everything you do for your own peace of mind at one point in life comes back to hit you one fine day. Just like that; may be when you are sitting by yourself, or when you are on a date with God or when you are watching your favorite movie. It happens not to make you regret anything but to reiterate that all the decisions you had taken have played a part in making you who you are today.

Every person you ever came across deserves a thank you, not because they necessarily played a constructive role in your life but because by not doing so, just by giving you that experience they made you strong, they made you love yourself, they made sure that you depend on yourself only. As a result, each and every person you have ever met helped you grow. So thank them not because they need it, forgive them not because they deserve it, do it only so that you can move on and prosper and continue to grow on the path of greatness.

Cheers 🙂
Tooba Tanveer