Tooba Tanveer

I am a city girl who longs for countryside at heart. An Engineer turned Marketer, who realized a little later her passion for writing and travel. An only daughter of wonderful parents, loved sister of two awesome brothers and an aunt to the most adorable tiny human alive. I have been working in Sales, Marketing and Human Resources for a decade now; been writing for approximately the same duration, mostly focusing on everyday life, my perspective on life as I come across it and travelogues. The inspiration, however, to start Musings of a Wanderer was rather sudden. I was talking to my little brother and best friend, about life in general, when it hit me that I cannot continue to hide behind veils forever. And that I can risk putting my words for people to read, who knows I may end up inspiring someone or getting inspired. The name, ‘Musings of a Wanderer’ is my creative sister-in-law’s brainchild who was kind enough to brainstorm names for me. So, lets begin this journey with a wanderer and see where it takes us.